About us

Quality-oriented, Customer first, Courageous, pragmatic and innovative

About us

Established on July 7, 2004, Kunming Wangyitong Technology Co., Ltd has launched the product “Yitongyun”. The company adheres to the philosophy of doing business with integrity and customer first service and advocates people-centered management, which has won unanimous praise. With excellent service quality, professional technical service, and skilled customer service, the company is able to guarantee customers to ride on the highway of information age. The company keeps its employees devoted by implementing spirit including development, loyalty, efficiency, solidarity and innovation. Our customers enjoy the fruits of information technology development while constantly gaining attentive service and rich profits. Through the baptism of the network tides, we have gradually developed into a well-known network company in Yunnan Province. During this period, we have built an effective Internet platform for many enterprises and achieved remarkable results. Our slogan is: we strive to be a technology service provider for all users’ satisfaction, and we believe we can do better with your support.

Goal: to serve more enterprises by riding the wave of Internet plus.  

Core values: Happy work, happy life, benefits employees, partners, as well as customers

Mission: service with heart! For your every smile, we have been constantly striving to win your trust with our professional technology and gain your approval with our attentive service, and we always do our best to facilitate your success!